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Greece Odyssey Visionary Retreat Junior Suite Quadruple Occupancy in Bunk Bed Deposit

Reserve your spot in the Junior Suite with a terrace, shaded outdoor sitting area & a private stream room. Deposit is non refundable. 50% of balance is due 1/15/2023. Final balance on 3/15/2023.


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Let's go on a Greek Odyssey and discover what your Inner Visionary holds for you...

Tuition covers:

What past retreat participants have said:

“Mariko is amazing. She adapts to our needs & capabilities with all welcome. Has a great prespective with soulfulness and sincerity, and is fun to spend time with.” ~ Patrick S.

"She really embodies from head to toe everything that she teaches and practices so that’s unique. That’s what’s really hard to find. To meet people that you don’t really need to dig too deep to get that. You just get it. It’s very inspiring.” ~ Karin Perez (Previous Retreat Attendee)

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